Who We Recommend

Having a baby is a personal experience, and you should be surrounded by quality providers who care.

Here are people we’ve worked with over the years who we trust with your care.



Harmony Mills Pediatrics

Dr. Jessica Davis

Drs. Morin and Lemmons at Capital Care Pediatrics

Dr. Wendy Mayes-Beasly at Primary Care Galway

Dr. Kari Bovenzi at Genesis Pediatrics

Dr. Russell Wenacur at Troy Family Physicians


Chiropractic/Craniosacral Therapy

Dr. Kelli Patenaude at Schuyler Creek Chiropractic Center

Dr. Kim Moynihan at Chiro4Kids

Meg Agnew


Breastfeeding Support

Carrie Kimball, RN


Massage Therapy

Michelle Beaulieu

Rebecca Goodrow at Willow Body Works


Childbirth Educators

Emily Marynczak from Bradley Birth Method

Family Life Center

Johanna D’Aleo

Rosy Mulligan



Dr Ellen Biggers at St. Peter’s Health Partners


Belly and Baby Photos

YTK Photography

Kristen Renee Photography

McCrossan Photography


Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist

Dr. Franz Margono at St. Peter’s Health Partners



The Doula Network

Upstate Doulas



Raya Ioffe


Physical Therapy

Maccio Physical Therapy


Tongue Tie Revision

Dr. Lawrence Kotlow



Carol Clas

Wei Wei Acupuncture

Jordan Su (call 518-364-5934 for free consultation)