We love our clients.


We’re honored to have attended over 2,000 births over the last 20+ years.

Here are some stories from some of our amazing clients. (There are longer stories & more photos on the blog, too!)

“I was reflecting on my birth experience and feeling so happy and grateful that it was what it was! Seeing you both the other week put me in touch with that feeling of empowerment and accomplishment that I had when Rowan was born. Thank you again for being a supportive part of my healthcare – not a pushy/intrusive one! I read somewhere while I was pregnant that a woman will always remember how she was made to feel during labor. Thank you for helping me feel loved, supported, respected and cheered-on! Those hours will be one I go back throughout my life whenever I need to remember that “I can do it!” 


We are so thankful to all of the people that helped us to have a healthy pregnancy, labor and birth. Most importantly, we thank our midwives Maureen and Heidi for caring for us from beginning to end with so much Wisdom and Love. We are grateful to: our parents Carolyn and Mario for being our 24/7 support throughout this process; Laura, Leah and Vicky for their birth support; Betsy, Erin and Kristen of the Family Life Center for their education and physical support; and of course all of our family and friends for your Love and Prayers.

Love Taina, Gaetano, Yabisi, and Caona

Maureen and Heidi are two of the most compassionate, tender, loving, intelligent, competent practitioners I have ever come across. Having the two of them at our birth was like being attended by wise sisters or a best friend. Our trust in them is complete and our faith in their judgment total. I felt completely safe and cared for during my entire pregnancy and birth. Their respect for women and families means that they do not make decisions for the woman (as many OB practices do) but provide clients with ample information so that a woman and her partner can make the best decisions for their family. They have great relationships with many local practitioners ranging from physical therapists and chiropractors who specialize in pregnancy to high risk doctors with specialized knowledge for women who “risk out” of their practice. You absolutely cannot go wrong with these women. Their degree of respect, kindness, and professionalism represents a standard of care to which more practitioners should aspire.

Love, Lily

“We can’t even begin to say thank you for all you have done for us – there are no words great enough. Through pregnancy, labor and parenthood you have given us so much encouragement, support and power which has enabled us to have the experience of labor and parenthood that we want. I was so thankful, especially for the support you also gave my family during labor – they have repeatedly told me how Maureen’s calmness reassured them. My cousin asked me what lessons I learned or wisdom I gained for giving birth and I realized that being able to deal with all of those powerful physical sensations of birth without fear will now enable me to not be afraid when I do get anxious – it has been life changing. You will always hold a special place in our hearts and Gracie will grow up knowing about each of you and how you helped her into this world.”

With love,
Meredith, Luke, and Gracie

I truly cannot imagine having had my son without Heidi!!! No one can. She was an integral part of my life before the arrival of Rowan, during every breath and surge, throughout our adjustment period to the new size and shape of our family unit, and continues to be an important person in our lives as a resource and, ultimately, as a friend. I would gush more, but, despite the honesty of my exuberance, it would just seem like a commercial!”

Yours in Sisterhood, Gratitude, and Love,

We have used Heidi and Maureen at all of our births. Maureen was at our first birth and Heidi at the birth of number two, three, four and five! Numbers three and four were twins!! We had four (five) AMAZING births. The birth experiences were so beautiful and special. We feel that this was largely in part as a result of the compassionate support we received. Heidi was extremely patient with me during the long birth process of the twins as my labor was on and off for a week. She was patient and supportive as she came to my home day after day monitoring me and the baby and ensuring my health and sanity!

Maureen and Heidi now hold a very special place in our hearts. Having their birth support was so empowering. Having their knowledge to advocate for you and help you during your birth is invaluable. They take the time before the birth to find out what type of birth you desire. When you are laboring and giving birth there is no need to worry that things are heading in the right direction. They are there to see that things are progressing safely and help facilitate the process as needed. Maureen and Heidi provide support and encouragement in the most patient and kind way. This releases anxiety allowing me to focus on laboring and birthing. As a result of their support, we were able to have the birth experiences we desired; safe, unmedicated, natural, vaginal, home births. It is such a blessing to have had such positive birth experiences. Our babies births are something we will treasure forever. Thank you Heidi and Maureen! We love you both and are eternally grateful.

Paula and Steve Gorman

These amazing women have ushered miracles in my and my wife’s lives on two occasions. I drove them nuts with questions and paranoia and they held my hand through it so much more. As a father and as a man, I thank them and appreciate them for making pregnancy and childbirth a wonderful human experience.