The HeartSpace midwives were honored to greet a very special little soul yesterday.  Baby girl Fallon joined her beautiful family after her mom worked with grace and amazing strength through labor.

Fallon has already given and received the gift of love many times over.  She is named after a person who has impacted her parents very deeply on their healing journey over the last year.  Her very existence is testament to the power of love to heal every body, every day.   Her mother’s commitment to herself and her baby through her choices surrounding Fallon’s birth have been yet another step on the road to healing mind, spirit and body.

Fallon reminds us once again why birth matters.  She is the embodiment of peace.  We have no doubt that she will continue to bring that peace and joy to her family as she grows into the ability to express the strength, compassion, and love of her namesake.  We are grateful to have met Fallon and her family as they joined the HeartSpace circle.  Thank you all!