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  • Annual exam, including Pap tests and breast exam
  • Birth control options
  • Treatment of infections
  • Herbal and nutritional remedies may be recommended

Payment Options
The midwives do not participate in any insurance plans for well woman care. Fees include administrative costs and specimen pick-up. Laboratories bill insurance companies directly for their services. Payment is expected at the time of the visit. Our fee for routine exam is sliding scale, $80 - $120.

Prepreconception counseling

Optimizing the health of the parents before conception is important for improving pregnancy outcome. We provide:

  • evaluation and counseling about fertility option
  • education about healthy pregnancy for the mother and baby
  • recommendations for appropriate interventions, when possible, before conception


HeartSpace Midwifery Care provides homebirth midwifery for mothers wishing to remain at home for the birth of their baby. We are licensed to practice in New York and Vermont. We are committed to serving women and families by providing compassionate and loving care through the Midwifery Model of Care.

We Provide:

  • One free initial consultation for new potential clients
  • Family-centered home birth services for low-risk, normal pregnancies
  • Comprehensive prenatal care, including nutritional counseling and natural healing modalities, in our office every month until 32 weeks, then every two weeks until 36 weeks, then every week until delivery
  • Home prenatal visit at 36 weeks
  • Lab work, ultrasound, and medical consultation by referral as necessary
  • Extensive local resource network available for doula services, childbirth education, acupuncture, massage, etc.
  • Water-birth – labor and/or deliver your baby in a birth pool. Pools are available for rental directly from HeartSpace Midwifery
  • Continuous care and support by the midwives in the immediate postpartum period (3-4 hours after the birth)
  • Breastfeeding information, instruction and ongoing support
  • Complete postpartum care for mother and baby for 6 weeks after the birth
  • Newborn Screening Tests

Payment Options
Most insurance companies will cover the services of a Licensed Midwife. We will work with you to determine your own and your insurance provider’s responsibility for payment.


Waterbirth Pool Rentals
There are many benefits to using water during labor and/or birth including increased relaxation, pain relief, increased mobility, and reduction of drugs and interventions. For more information about the benefits of waterbirth, click here.
We provide ECO birth pool in a box (mini size, inflatable) for rent.  Additional supplies needed for pool use include a new garden or aquarium hose for filling and emptying the pool, a faucet adaptor, and a fish net. These items would need to be purchased by you separately. Please contact us for more information.
Rental Fee
$100 for clients and $150 for non-clients, includes personal disposable liner (additional milage or delivery charges may apply)


HeartSpace Midwifery offers placenta preservation in the form of capsules and tincture. Placentas have been used for health promotion and healing for over 1,400 years in Chinese medicine.  Placentas have traditionally been consumed worldwide throughout history.  Humans are, after all, mammals and practically all mammals (even vegetarians) consume their placentas following birth. This allows the mother to have a much quicker recovery time and provides vital nutrients and hormones to both mother and baby.

Possible physical benefits of using placenta medicine include:

  • Quicker recovery time from birth
  • Uterine toning
  • Shorter postpartum bleeding
  • Increase postpartum iron levels
  • Greater milk production
  • Hormone balance
  • Lower incidence of post-partum depression
  • Easing or elimination of colic symptoms in the newborn
  • Elimination or easing of childhood diseases including whooping cough, fever seizures and rashes

Placentas should be delivered to us with payment as soon as possible after the birth (within 72 hours).  In normal circumstances it takes a minimum of 2 days to return the placenta to you in capsule and tincture form.  Each placenta is prepared individually with reverence paid to the remarkable life-sustaining powers it possesses.

Preservation Fee
$100 for clients, $150 for others in the Capital District and outlying areas (additional travel fees may apply)

Check out this short video and article by Joel Stein:


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