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Heidi Ricks
Maureen Murphy
Heidi Ricks

Heidi is the mother of three fantastic children, Kaleigh, Cerid and Lochlan.  Her passion for birth work began shortly after her daughter’s birth when she had the privilege of attending the birth of a friend.  When she saw the difference that having another woman who trusts the mother and the baby to find their own path through the process of birth can make, she was hooked.  She is still awed by the amazing power all women display during labor and birth.  When supported in a loving and nurturing way, Heidi believes women come to motherhood with the knowledge that they can do anything!  She has been working with women and families since 1994 and continues to be humbled and amazed and honored to be present at the birth of each child whose birth she attends.

Heidi is also passionate about her work with women and children in Africa.  She has traveled to Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Morocco.  Her work there has revolved around women’s empowerment and education.  She has initiated a feminine pad project that has taken on a life of it’s own.  She has also developed women’s empowerment initiatives and worked with traditional birth attendants to teach basic life-saving skills.  She has had the privilege of attending births in both Morocco and Tanzania.





Maureen Murphy

Maureen is the mother of two, Aden and Maya, both born at home into the hands of midwives. She has been attending births at home and in the hospital, and teaching childbirth education since 2001. She has a Masters in Midwifery and is a Certified Midwife, licensed in New York, as well as a Certified Professional Midwife, licensed in Vermont. With a BA in Political Science and Women’s Studies, Maureen continues to lecture at conferences and universities about reproductive rights and childbirth from a feminist perspective. Maureen is also a Sexual Health Educator and facilitates “Girls Group” in local schools since 2004.

Maureen is also passionate about the needs of women and babies in Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere with the worst maternal and infant mortality rates.  Her work there included teaching midwifery students life-saving skills, assisting with mobile prenatal clinics in the central plateau, and attending births.  She is currently researching healthcare program models in low resource countries to help reduce maternal and infant mortality rates, especially in the newest African country of South Sudan, where war has devastated the region.


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